Wastemakers on Cornucopia Street
3rd - 19th November 2022,  Newhaven Arts Projects

Newhaven Art Projects have commissioned artist Ian Dawson to curate ‘The Waste Makers on Cornucopia Street’ which transforms the Newhaven Art Space venue into an exhibition and workshop environment.... Taking its title from Vance Packard’s pioneering book ‘The Waste Makers’ from the 1960’s, which exposes the demise of the environment through the growth of disposable consumer goods, the exhibition asks us to think about themes around waste and how we might interpret, rework and re-examine them. How do we arrive at waste? Is it matter out of place? What is the difference between dirt and waste? And what is digital waste? Searching for new perspectives on this subject brings a set of diverse artists together to discuss their work in relation to waste.

The exhibition presents work from North America and India, representing the globalised nature of waste. From the global south, the Compound 13 lab present the work that this experimental art space has made through working with citizens from the informal settlement, Dharavi, the centre of the recycling trade in Mumbai.

From North America, Migueltzinta Solis challenges ideas about how the cornucopia of the West creates both a belonging and un-belonging and how we might repair broken communities that have previously been laid to waste. Each artist represented in the exhibition brings a different and thoughtful response to 'matter out of place'. Exhibiting artists: John Walter, Donna Mitchell, Jasone Miranda Bilbao, Aqui Thami, Louisa Minkin, Sharmila Samant, Ben Parry, Compound 13 Lab, Migueltzinta Solis, Andrea Mason, Amanda Jobson, Ian Dawson.

We think, at Newhaven Art Projects, that it’s important that this exhibition is here as the Newhaven Energy Recovery Facility dominates our local skyline. Building upon those very same themes that this facility undertakes with everyday materials, the show focuses on restoration and rehabilitation whilst re-iterating the impact of lifestyle and resulting waste on our diverse communities. Workshops held in the space will involve new technologies such as laser scanning and 3d printing as well as poetry readings

‘The Waste Makers on Cornucopia Street’ runs from 3 – 19 November with a preview evening on Friday 4 November 5.30 – 8 pm. The gallery is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11 am – 5 pm. (Closing at 2 pm on 5 November)