Innate Sensing Mechanisms

Titled after the process by which a cell can detect foreign genetic material and kill it, these 14 Innate Sensing Mechanisms paintings incorporate patterned fabrics, objects and drawings made with a silicone gun, allowing Walter to rethink the practice of collage. According to Walter, these works can also be seen as a form of vertical cartoon Zen Garden, made up of objects gathered on a trip to Japan in which he visited the temple of Ryoan-ji, site of Japan’s most famous rock garden.


These ten drawings are early works from the CAPSID project using ink and watercolour that combine a range of images and ideas associated with virology, genetics and popular culture. They draw upon such diverse references as diseased bodies, characters from the cartoon series Adventure Time and medieval torture methods. Just as infections may jump species. Walter encourages cross-contamination between defined visual lexicons to create a hybrid spawn.

Exhibition Dates:

CGP, London
17 May - 8 July 2018

CGP London
The Gallery by the Pool
1 Park Approach
Southwark Park
London SE16 2UA

Exhibition Open:
Thursday // Friday // Saturday // Sunday // 11am - 5pm

HOME, Manchester
10 November 2018 - 6 January 2019

2 Tony Wilson Place
M15 4FN

Main Gallery
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